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Smooth Sunshine

“Smooth Sunshine” COMING SOON!
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 2022

Come On Down

“Come On Down” features eleven songs and fifty minutes of piping-hot New Orleans fare, “jazz and blues and reggae too,” as the opener/title track promises. It’s worth several replays in one’s stereo or boombox.
Genre: New Orleans Jazz
Release Date: 2019
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A New Kind of Love

Flavors of Motown meets jazz and Modern R&B. A feel good CD filled with inspiring and motivational vocals that follow a movement towards love and oneness.
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 2011
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In Joy

Jazz with a blend of r&b, old school, Latin, hip hop and funk. Masterful arrangements and performances by Gordon James, James Lloyd, Bob Baldwin, Chuck Loeb and Gil Paris.
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 2007
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After Hours

This is a perfect CD for a relaxing dinner party or just a late night chill.
Beautiful lyrical melodies and outstanding Flugelhorn sound.
Smooth jazz/Acid jazz
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 2004
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Gordon James

This CD has a funky, souldful feel. It’s a wild ride from beginning to end with a great mix of instrumental and vocals.
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 1999
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Candlelight Love

Contemporary jazz lovers will enjoy this CD as it delivers the goods on every track. It has a lot of spunk and energy and as the title would suggest, romance. James knows how to whip his band into exotic colors and stirs up some cool craziness.
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 1994
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