A New Kind of Love CD

November 18th, 2011

There are several tracks on this recording that could have easily served as the title cut. Straight from the Heart, With Our Love even Smile were all considered. I chose A New Kind of Love because it has all of the qualities the others have; oneness, happiness, hope, and both personal and universal love. But more than that it tells of a shift in consciousness that’s happening on the planet. This music follows a movement towards love, kindness, gratitude, compassion, oneness and peace. It may not seem that way if you turn on the news but whats not getting reported on are all the amazing stories of people in all walks of life who are dedicated to waking up to love, art and beauty and who are giving and sharing there incredible talents to make a better more cooperative and creative world.

This recording for me was one of those break throughs to a new level in my own art, talent and in consciousness. I feel truly blessed to have had this music and these arrangements come through me this past year. In many ways I feel like this is really my debut album as it is the first CD that I have produced, arranged and written all on my own. It was truly magical the way the original music on this project poured through me with such ease. Even the arrangements on the covers came effortlessly and it all fell into place even right down to which musician played on what track.

I am so happy to have put together such a diverse collection of vocal and instrumental songs and be able to feature so many of my talented colleagues here in the NJ area. The amazing Ty Stephens, Jose Loo, LaJuan Carter and Chanda Rule all added so much with there individual unique vocal styles. And all of my buds that work with me all the time; what an all star cast.

I had so much fun putting this CD together. Each song has it’s own unique vibe and takes you on a journey thru different emotions, styles and moods. It’s mellow, yet upbeat, romantic, and spiritual and It’s also very timely and filled with inspiring songs infused with fresh new thought lyrics. I chose to call the CD A New Kind of Love because I felt it was appropriate given the current state of this world and because we have a choice as to how we show up in the world and live our lives. If we can come forward in a positive way and give our particular talent and gift to the world; be loving, kind, thoughtful, cheerful and most of all give our gift freely; then we can have a true appreciation for life and we will find everything we are looking for and more.

Gordon James

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